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Once you meet eligibility criteria and pay annual dues, you can enjoy the many benefits of being a Village Friends member.

Services and Social Offerings

• Transportation 
• Friendly Visits/Calls 
• Deliveries/Meals 
• Lunch Buddies & Supper Club
• Shopping Assistance
• Phone Wellness Checks
• Technical Support
• Home & Landscape: Basic Maintenance
• Social Events
• Trusted Contractor Database


"Village Friends is a wonderful group of individuals all looking for safe and sane ways to enjoy living in our own homes as long as possible. There is a great group of volunteers ready and willing to help you achieve this goal. Make the number one item on your bucket list to sign up to become a subscriber. You will be very glad you did. We also provide lunch outings and dinners out once a month. Great conversation with friends!” –JOHN SAIDLA


"Thank you, Village Friends, for organizing volunteers and helping senior adults remain in their homes by providing rides to appointments, running errands, delivering needed items, visiting, and organizing social events. Cheers to your staff member, your board and your volunteers!” –JAN NEWTON


As the number of subscribers and volunteers grows, we hope to expand our menu of services offered. At present, the available services are:

1) Transportation assistance. We will schedule a volunteer who, using his/her own insured vehicle, will drive you to medical appointments, to do grocery shopping, to pick up library books, or to perform other routine daily tasks. Depending on your request, the volunteer can either remain with you during completion of the task or pick you up later at a prearranged time.  

2) Deliveries. If you are permanently or temporarily homebound, a volunteer using his/her own insured vehicle will deliver items needed for daily living, including groceries, meals, prescription and nonprescription medications, library books, or other items.  

3) Personal visits and status checks. A volunteer will visit you on a scheduled basis if you are permanently or temporarily homebound or residing in a health care facility. Arrangements also can be made for a volunteer to check in on you regularly by telephone or by e-mail.  

4) Technology assistance. As scheduled, a volunteer will come to your home to help you set up an internet connection and learn how to use the VF website. This assistance may include limited basic instruction on personal computer use. If you completely lack computer experience, however, we are unable to tutor you extensively at present. You are expected to provide the personal computer and the internet access.

5) Social events and interest groups. At present, our regularly scheduled social events are 'Lunch Buddies' and  'Supper Club.' At these events, VF subscribers and volunteers gather monthly to enjoy a meal and one another's company. Each attendee is responsible for the cost of his/her own meal. Individuals who wish to learn more about VF are invited to join us. Please click on the calendar to obtain the date and location of the next scheduled Lunch Buddies or Supper Club event.   

6) Basic home maintenance. As scheduled, a volunteer will come to your home to perform simple maintenance or repair tasks, such as changing light bulbs or fixing a leaky faucet. For more extensive maintenance and repair work, we are beginning to develop a 'trusted contractor database,' as described below.  

7) Basic yard care. As scheduled, a volunteer will come to your home to perform basic yard care tasks, including lawn mowing (you must provide the mower), bush trimming, or leaf raking. For more extensive yard care work, we provide a 'trusted vendor list,' referenced below.

8) Trusted contractor database. We currently are in an early stage of developing a searchable online database limited to local businesses and professional service providers recommended by VF subscribers, administrators, and volunteers. As VF moves forward, we will be carrying out certain additional steps to ensure the reliability and trustworthiness of these member-recommended vendors.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: All currently offered services are subject to volunteer availability. VF reserves the right to limit the services provided to a single subscriber or household.

Assistance can be just a phone call or e-mail away!  |  334-209-4641  |